Knowing all the different municipal regulations, we promise you that the designs made by this office will make you unnecessary to pay additional costs for refurbishing architectural designs.

specialized consulting

We promise to provide you with expert and reliable consultants for your projects and to assist you in meeting your requirements, regardless of distance and all office hours.

Work commitment

The Aban Design Office with a long history of design and implementation ensures that it is responsible for the accuracy of the plans and documentation of the project at all stages of the project and incorporates the most practical implementation suggestions into the design.


One of our main characteristics in architectural designs is to securement employer tastes in the final plan.

creativity and innovation

The Aban design office, relying on the scientific ability of its engineers and utilizing the latest knowledge of architecture and combining it with creativity and work experience, presenter creative, efficient and successful projects.

Shorten time

The Aban Design Office with implementing specialized design and execution services simultaneously, minimizes project execution time

Ongoing projects

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